Representation at Licence Hearings

Representation at Licence Hearings

Licensing Hearings can become necessary for several reasons:

  1. An initial application can fail because of representations from responsible authorities or interested parties, such as local residents, objecting to the application.
  2. The police can force an expedited review because of an alleged contravention of an existing license.

If you're involved in a Licensing Hearing in relation to your license or license application, for whatever reason, we can help you.

We can prepare your argument for you, create all your bundles (legal documentation), and represent you at the local authority hearing.

NTAD has a wealth of experience in this area, with many successful conclusions.

About Us

NTAD is a national company specialising in the compliance of premises licensing within the hospitality industry.

We supply expert advice, training and support to bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels, off licenses and supermarkets.

No matter how large or small your business, we provide you with a personal service helping you to obtain your Premises Licence or Personal Alcohol Licence.

We can guide and support you through all aspects of your application including providing all the necessary training to enable you to gain your qualification/certification. (APLH Level 2).