Premises Licence Applications

How do I obtain my Premises Licence?

Telephone us on  075 4444 0655  at any time to discuss your licensing requirements. We'll let you know what you'll have to do to obtain your licence in the fastest possible time.

Under the Licensing Act 2003, if you wish to sell alcohol, you have to be licensed by your local authority.

A Premises Licence is granted in respect of a building or defined open space which enables one, or more, Licensable Activities to be conducted on the premises.

A Premises Licence is needed for:

  1. The retail sale of alcohol.
  2. The supply of alcohol by, or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club.
  3. The provision of regulated entertainment.
  4. The provision of late-night refreshment.

We can provide you with all the help and expertise required in order to obtain your Premises Licence.

Steps to obtain your licence

  • Call us to discuss your requirements with no obligation.
  • We prepare your application ensuring that both the licensing objectives and local authority licensing policy are met.
  • We send your application to the relevant “responsible Authorities”, on your behalf.
  • Your Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) who must have a Personal Alcohol Licence, must sign a Consent Form.
  • We can help you, or a member of your staff, obtain a Personal Alcohol Licence in advance of this, if necessary.
  • We draw up your Licencing Plan (a drawing of your premises layout).
  • We prepare your Operating Schedule which ensures your premises follow the national Licensing Objectives and your local authority's Licensing Policy.
  • We prepare your Public Notice (Blue notice), which has to be displayed at your premises for 28 days.
  • We place the statutory advertisment in local press, for you.
  • If no representations are made within those 28 days, tacit consent applies and your license is granted.
  • If representations are made by responsible authorities or interested parties, such as local residents, within those 28 days, within 21 days of last day of representations your local authority holds hearing at which we can represent you. See Representation at Licensing Hearings.