Personal Licence Applications

How do I obtain my Personal Alcohol Licence?

Telephone us on  075 4444 0655  at any time to discuss your licensing requirements. We'll let you know what you'll have to do to obtain your licence in the fastest possible time.

Under the Licensing Act 2003, if you wish to sell alcohol, you have to be licensed by your local authority.

To gain your license, you'll need to attend a training course and sit an exam. We arrange all this for you, providing you with face-to-face training, training materials and workbooks and sitting the exam itself.

Once you have passed your exam you need to complete all the necessary documentation to send with your licence application to your local authority. Again, we can take care of all this for you.

Call us now and and you could have your licence in just a few weeks.

Steps to obtain your licence

  • Call us to discuss your requirements with no obligation
  • We book you onto a Personal Licence training course at your premises or at a training centre near you.
  • We provide you with training manuals and workbooks
  • We then guide you through the training, face-to-face
  • You sit the exam with us
  • Your Pass certificate is provided within 5 days
  • In the meantime, a Criminal Records check (DBS - used to be CRB) is done on you
  • A Nationally Accredited Clearance certificate is obtained and given to you
  • NTAD comlplete all the necessary documentation for you, used to submit to your local authority
  • We submit all necessary documentation together with your certificate and photos to you local authority for you
  • Your local authority then provides your Licence ID card which is sent to you.